Capeman (work-in-progress)

The Capeman game version 0.2 – click to play

This game was made in part of an effort to practice coding with APIs as well as to learn the p5 programming language, a Javascript-based version of the Processing programming language, itself based on Java. As can be seen in the Github repository, the eventual goal of the project is to create a game that is actually a representation of the current weather wherever the game is being played using the open-source OpenWeather API.  Eventually, Capeman will have to deal with wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, all instantiated based on the player’s actual climate.


On one hand, the use of local weather to influence the game’s environment is something of a gimmick. However, the purpose of this design is to demonstrate how a video game can be used to transmit valuable information to the user. The incorporation of other types of data into games could be used to bridge the gap between player’s “real” and “virtual” selves.


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